Rasmus Rendal

Rasmus Rendal

Nested for loops go brrrr

09 May 2022

DDC 2022: Crypto Writeups

DDC 2022 was held this weekend. This time around, I pretty much only did cryptography exercises (And a few blockchain ones). This post …
27 Feb 2022

Open Yale Courses as podcasts

The Open Yale Courses are pretty amazing. I enjoy listening to them while doing dishes and stuff like that. For ease of listening, I …
03 Oct 2021

Assembly Reference

I’m pretty good at learning x86_64 assembly. I’ve done it more times than I can count. But now I’ve reached the point where I would like to …
15 Aug 2021

InCTF Writeups

This weekend, I participated a bit in InCTF with Cyberlandsholdet. Here are some writeups for the most interesting challenges I was part of …